Small sized penis pump by Bathmate

Bathmate are experts in their compact size pumps as evidenced by the 2 types of pumps that support lengths up to 3 – 5 inches (8 – 13cm). Hydromax5 and Hydroxtreme5 come in a line of compact pumps that accommodate penis lengths up to 5″ (13cm).

In addition both pump models support a penis girth up to 6.5″ (16.5cm in circumference). For those measuring up to 5 inches when erect, HydroXtreme5 means unrivaled high-performance penile expansion power.

The Bathmate Hydromax5 is designed to be an excellent starting pump for those who are up to 5 inches long when erect. At this size, our penis pumps tend to have the most pronounced effect, as the user quickly gains. If you’re an experienced user looking for a more powerful penis pump option, check out our Bathmate HydroXtreme5 for unmatched benefits!

Hydromax3 and Hydroxtreme3 are easy to use. In the shower or tub, fill the pump with warm water, insert your penis and cover the pump against your body. Continue to build up the vacuum pressure by pumping out the water, and you’ll soon feel the Bathmate’s pump kicking into action. Use up to 5 minutes at a time, 3 times a day for maximum results.

If you’re just starting your penis pumping routine, we recommend checking out our Bathmate Hydromax5 model for a less intense start.

When you buy from the official Bathmate website, we guarantee satisfactory results. You have 60 days after purchase to see the Hydromax effect for yourself – if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will give you a complete 100% refund, no questions asked.

Here are two small sized penis pumps

We designate these two models as pumps to achieve an average penis size with an initial erection length of less than 5". Additionally they can accommodate penis girths up to 6.5".
Three color choices of Bathmate Hydromax5 with box packaging.


Pump for micro penis, erection length less than 3 inches.
$ 139
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • 2-year warranty
Bathmate Hydroxtreme5 with box


Unmatched pump for micro penis, erection length less than or equal to 3".
$ 209
  • With Accessories Kit
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • 2-year warranty

Our Suggestions

The Hydromax5 we received from the manufacturer comes in three colors. They include blue, red, and clear. All look transparent, so we can see inside when the pump is in use.

Unfortunately, the Hydroxtreme5 comes with one color option which is clear (transparent). Even so, the pump’s performance exceeds that of the Hydromax5, and is even easier to use.

Both models can be used without water, but when tested directly, the pressure generated is not very strong. So we recommend that you stick with warm water to maximize their performance.

To add to the experience, we point to Hydroxtreme5 to choose from, as it includes essential accessories to support penis pump exercises.

If you’re hoping for quick results, perhaps the Ultramale series is a good choice as it comes with better accessories and sex enhancements, including Maxout jelqing serum inside.