Bathmate penis pump solution that:

Safe and comfortable to wear. High performance with best build quality. FDA certified and skin safe. Come With Features on demand. Suitable pump size for you. Work effectively as expected.
Proudly present the penis pump that dominates the world's penis enhancement industry.
With Unique, Effective, Powerful, Real life, design and development.
penis pump models by Bathmate
Proudly made and patented in the UK
Proudly Made In the UK

Bathmate is manufactured in the UK with the highest manufacturing standards.

fda badge
FDA Registered

FDA accepted as a class II device that is safe to use in the genital area.

Bathmate Dermatologically Tested
Skin-safe Certified

Made with medical grade materials that phthalate free and skin-safe.

Bathmate 60 days satisfaction guarantee
60 Days Guarantee

You are protected by 60 days satisfaction guarantee & 2 year warranty.

Welcome to the official Bathmate seller

We are proud to be a part of the Bathmate industry, which dominates the world of penis pumps. We are an official distributor that markets quality products with innovation and technology to answer requests such as this hydro pump.

Bathmate is manufactured in a facility of the highest standard in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Through a series of real-life tests involving many experts, this brand of penis pump is recognized worldwide for performance, effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Through different pump brands and looked at what Bathmate had inside, we knew this brand was a healthier option than the traditional air pump.

Their straightforward vacuum system uses water instead of air as a safer medium and works better at creating consistent pressure. All pump parts are interrelated in carrying out their water mechanism to build actual performance.

Bathmate pump skecth
Get ready to step into warm water with the exclusive penis pump from Bathmate! Join over a million users worldwide to see real, long-lasting improvements from their water pumps.

Why Bathmate Is The Best Choice?

A few key things make the Bathmate the best (and best-selling) penis pump in the world and We understand the ins and outs of the products we sell.
Bathmate water flow design

Harness Water Pressure

Bathmate works best with warm water, but how can water be better than air in this context?

Air is a gas and the nature of the gas is compressible, meaning that when air is pumped out of the room, it creates a vacuum and creates negative pressure. However, air can expand quickly and in an uneven, bumpy way. When the gas in an air tube cannot control nor hold the object, it expands a balloon at an uneven speed. Just imagine if it grows too fast.

However, when using Bathmate with water, it has slower, smoother, and more controlled movements and offers a more dense uniform vacuum around the shaft. Water flow dramatically reduces the risk of injury or discomfort and provides consistent results without the downsides of using an air pump.

The water flow system designed in Bathmate will never create unsafe pressure. Additionally, a quick-release mechanism is added for extra security.


FDA-approved & dermatologically tested

Encountered many pumps with poor build quality, even with no certification. If you have a sufficient budget, try to get the best because good-quality buildings spend money on raw materials. The rest is designing and testing!

Hydro, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme penis pumps have passed the stringent FDA tests covering material, design, and pressure strength. FDA certificate is a plus considering many brands are hiding in the shadows. It says about safety without proof, not even a test certificate from the authorities.

Customer safety is our priority, so we ensure that all hydro pumps are made with safe materials for the body, even medical quality. Apart from the FDA, two testing clinics, namely Princeton Consumer Research and Aspen Clinical Research, stated that they had been proven safe for use in the intimate genital area.

Bathmate pumps type
More size and color options

Unmatched Choice With Convenient Use

The scope of Bathmate is not limited to one color and size. We want every user to enjoy the innovative penis pump and take the game to the next level. We provide all models to support your pumping routine and bring you real, long-lasting profits.

We carry 12 Bathmate pump models that vary based on the size of your current erection. Follow our guide on choosing a pump to bring home that fits you.

Thanks to its water-based design, Bathmate makes it easy for you to incorporate it into your shower/bath routine. To get the best results from your Bathmate penis pump, we recommend using it daily, giving you an actual size and confidence boost without the awkwardness.


Guaranteed Performance with real results

Bathmate to be effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis even giving temporary, instant results after 15 minutes of the first pumping session.

Based on a survey of 12,000 of our customers in 2022, it proves that Bathmate’s performance is guaranteed with real results.

92% users survey

After 2 months of use, an amazing 92% of people reported either stronger or better erections.

85% progress

Of those, 85% reported that their penis size were both better and longer.

79.4% said Bathmate had made them more confident overall.

70% of respondents noted a size increase.

95% of our customers report a marked increase in size after 2 months of using Hydroxtreme.

Bathmate for penis growth

Plus, Unmatched Bathmate Features


Super-flow Valve design maximizes water flow to create precise, easy-to-control, uniform pressure. With extra safety quick release mechanism and tested for over 10 years of normal use.

Gaiter pump

Premium grade silicone is safe for body and skin. Specially designed to produce maximum pressure to the body, recommended by the FDA.


Ultra-strong, Aerospace-Grade chamber, built from Lexan and built to last! 200x stronger than glass and 25x stronger than acrylic.


Allows you to control the pressure simply by squeezing the handball pump, achieving maximum pressure with minimum effort. *Only available with the Hydroxtreme Edition.


Over the years, we’ve bring a huge selection of products to suit any kind of user, with our 3 ranges of penis pump and full selection of Bathmate/ Bedroom Accessories letting you really have the best possible size gain.

Hydro Edition

Good, a great place to start with the pump, creating a beginners level of pressure.
  • Erect Size: 5-7"
  • Three color options
  • Pressure Up To -0.35 BAR


Better, creating 35% more pressure for a more intense workout.
  • Erect Size: 3-9"
  • 3 Color Choices
  • 5 Size Options
  • Pressure Up To -0.55 BAR


Best, has the addition of an external hand pump providing the ultimate pump.
  • Erect Size: 3-11"
  • 6 Different Sizes
  • Support Handball-pump
  • Complete Accessories Kit

Bathmate Works – Ask Our Fans

1 million sold

Bathmate hydro pumps have helped over 1 million satisfied customers and counting. Hear what some of our 1 MILLION+ customers are saying.

Not sure which one is right for you?

To make Bathmate suitable for every man with a different erection size, we offer pumps in a variety of sizes.

Penis pump that is too large will result in less than optimal performance. Conversely, too small will reduce the growing space.

To determine which model is right for you, you need to measure your erection length and girth. Also, you’ll need a fabric measuring tape to make accurate measurements easier.

First, measure the erect length of your penis. Use a ruler to measure the erect penis by gently pressing on the pubic bone and record the measurement.

Measure length

Second, measure the circumference of the erect penis around the center of the shaft, a tailor’s tape measure is easiest, but a piece of string wrapped around it and then measuring with a ruler will suffice.

Measure girth

Once you know the length and girth of your erect penis, it’s time to choose the size of your penis pump.

Please choose your size range (based on erect length) below.