Lubes and Better Sex


The Worlds First Jelqing Enhancement Serum Made with Testostomax.

Bathmate Control

Whether you’re experiencing premature ejaculation or just want to last longer in bed, Bathmate Control lets you significantly delay orgasm, helping you and your partner have longer-lasting, more pleasurable sex from start to finish.

Pleasure Lube

Bathmate Pleasure Lube is an effective, water-based personal lubricant designed for perfect penile and vaginal compatibility (while safe to use anally, some may prefer different kinds of lubricant for this).

Vibe Bullet

Petite yet powerful, the Bathmate Vibe is IPX7 rated, meaning it is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and gives the user the advantage of combining 2 natural therapies: hydro therapy and vibration therapy.

Vibe Rings

Designed with enhanced stimulation in mind, the Bathmate Vibe Ring range will boost your power, performance and pleasure.

Glow in the Dark

New and improved Elastomex formula, combined with a small yet powerful, 3-speed vibrating bullet allows you and your partner to feel every vibration.

Power Rings

A uniquely powerful cock ring option, our Bathmate Power Rings can add an extra dimension to your penis pumping exercises, or enhance your erections for a real boost to sexual pleasure. Avalilable in three option to choose.


Bathmate Trim

Bathmate Trim is a specially designed grooming kit built to help you maximise your manscaping, and reach the full power of the world’s best penis pump.

Shower Strap

Bathmate Shower Strap is a convenient addition to your hydropump, letting you go completely hands-free in the shower.

Measuring Gauge

Measuring Gauge, a specialised product specifically designed to measure penis length and girth.

Capsule Case

Bathmate designed the Capsule Case as a simple, durable way to store and transport the world’s best penis pump wherever you go, keeping up your Bathmate routine

Valve Pack

One of the most frequently used parts of our penis pumps is the unique locking valve that water passes through when pumping, with this part wearing out over time in some rare instances

Long Insert

All Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme hydropumps come equipped with a Bathmate Hydromax Long Insert Comfort Pad. This pad makes it easier to attach the Bathmate to your body and start pumping, and are built for long-term durability.

Cushion Rings

Designed for use with our Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme penis pump ranges, Bathmate Cushion Rings help to add an extra level of comfort and security for users during their pump exercises.

Replacement Pads

Replacement Comfort Pads for Hydro7 (Bathmate Hercules)


Bathmate Clean

A powerful antibacterial misting formula designed for safe use with silicone and rubber, Bathmate Clean lets you keep all your toys in perfect condition.

Cleaning Kit

The Bathmate Cleaning Kit combines a selection of accessories all making it easier to keep your Bathmate fully clean.

Cleaning Brush

It can be hard to clean them using standard sponges, so we’ve built a specialised Bathmate Cleaning Brush to help you keep your Bathmate in top condition.